jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

Maduro's Venezuela: Crisis without End by Leopoldo J Martinez

CDDA President, Leopoldo J Martinez, at Fox News Latino: "Rather than enabling Venezuela to become an economic powerhouse in Latin America, [oil] has become the means by which other countries control it."

Like his predecessor Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro is given to angry tirades against the United States. Since coming to power in April in an election widely regarded as fraudulent, Maduro has accused the CIA of assassinating Chávez by "injecting" him with cancer and of committing various acts of "sabotage to disrupt the electricity sector in Venezuela."
However colorful these fantasies, Maduro is quickly discovering that the reality of Venezuela's capsizing economy cannot be indefinitely explained away as an American plot. And therein lies the irony: the same man who trumpets the importance of national independence and a socialist economy continues to push policies that gravely compromise Venezuela's sovereignty.

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