lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Latin American Leaders demanded free and transparent elections in #Venezuela

Nobel Prize of Peace
and twice President of Costa Rica,  Oscar Arias
President Alejandro Toledo was key in
promoting the declaration
As Venezuela will hold a new election on 14 April to select the person who will replace President Hugo Chavez, Former Presidents Oscar Arias (Costa Rica),  Alejandro Toledo (Peru) and Vicente Fox transmitted a message that Venezuelans are not alone in their path, by stating "the international community is accompanying you".
Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico

The declaration, signed also by former Presidents De La Rua (Argentina), Oswaldo Hurtado (Ecuador), Quiroga (Bolivia), Ardito Barletta (Panama)  and Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala), concludes with the following statement by the signatories: "We sincerely encourage all political organizations, branches of power and public officials, all public and private media and the National Electoral Council to ensure that the electoral process unfolds within the strict framework of and in compliance with the electoral law in order to ensure a truly transparent, free and fair electoral process for all Venezuelans." [The full TEXT of the declaration is at this Link]

Today the WSJ spoke about a recent turn or trend in the electoral events favoring Henrique Capriles, despite all polls still indicate a narrowing lead for acting President Nicolas Maduro. The opposition continues to voice strongly against unlawful advantages for the government in the process without effective intervention by the CNE, the national electoral authority.

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