viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

From the Desk of our Executive Director and Senior Fellow

The next several years will be exciting ones for CDDA. Our mission is to promote philanthropic endeavors directed to create a platform for new ideas and emerging leaders for sustainable democratic change in the Americas.

CDDA will have a selected group of Fellows focusing exclusively in working with the youth and emerging political leaders, social entrepreneurs and innovators of the region. The portfolio of programs will develop an intelligence support network. One distinctive future of our initiatives will be its connection to the leadership emerging from decentralized governments.

As a result, the CDDA will become “The Window” to understand future trends in the Americas, while influencing such future trends with reforms ensuring human rights enforcement, the rule of law and equal opportunity in the economies of the Americas.

Finally, the CDDA Fellows will constantly deliver research, report and opinions about our region's salient issues with our Inter-American Monitor@CDDA. We believe this effort will become an efficient channel to put our ideas in motion, and through the reach of our network, into action.

If you like to participate in our programs or sponsor our organization please feel free to write me to 


Leopoldo J Martinez

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